The best home security cameras to keep your home safe both inside and out

You don’t have to go far into the future to see a period when all homes have security cameras installed.


We’ve gotten somewhat lax in our approach to security cameras in the current day, thanks to our widespread internet usage. Consider how much information you give away while placing a basic online grocery order: your name, address, the items you buy, and so on.


You could even provide directions on how to enter your building.


Isn’t it surprising? We’ve progressed from a time when individuals left lights on at home while on vacation to a world where we cheerfully fill out forms that announce our absence.


Even so, if technology has made us susceptible, it has the potential to make us secure as well. In the linked home CCTV camera industry, tech companies have been working hard to innovate. Google-owned Nest, Amazon’s Blink, and up-and-coming security firm Ring have all made significant investments in home security cameras.


In a word, these cameras record both the interior and exterior of your home and save the footage in a secure location (it might be in the cloud, it might be in the device itself, depending on which one you buy). They frequently connect with your smartphone, allowing you to broadcast live video from your house from anywhere in the globe with an internet connection.


What kind of product are you looking for? I spent some time researching the best home security cameras available. This is what I discovered…


The Security Cameras is a very remarkable piece of hardware. To begin with, it is visually appealing: the all-white design and black camera front are very futuristic (if eerily reminiscent of the AI in 2001: A Space Odyssey). It’s not the mysterious metal CCTV box that comes to mind when you think of a home security camera.


The Nest camera, in its most basic form, sits where you placed it and captures what it sees, saving the last five days of film to the cloud. The camera’s broad face provides a wide field of vision, and the image is of good quality (you may vary the resolution; the higher it is, the more data you’ll use to save it to the cloud).

So far, everything has gone as expected. With Nest’s facial recognition system, things start to become pretty fascinating. If the camera detects a face it doesn’t recognise, and it will send a notification and a photo to your phone, allowing you to assess the situation. If someone is causing trouble, the camera will track their movements and preserve the timestamp so you can quickly locate it later. You can also call 999 while they’re still inside your home.

You won’t have to constantly authorise family and friends every time they enter the living room because the system is clever enough to remember faces it’s seen before.

There are a few other cool features in the camera itself, including an automatic zoom that tracks moving objects if it detects an intruder; a handy intercom function that allows the device to act as a smart doorbell (though it lacks a chime or button – for that, you’ll need the Nest Hello doorbell); and, because Alphabet owns Nest, the camera comes with Google Assistant.

It’s easy to roll your eyes at this final point, but it means you can ask your home security camera for the weather forecast – or whatever Google search you want – and get a response from a speaker built into the unit. It also means that if you see a burglar rummaging through your house, you should report it.

When examining the video footage captured by Nest on other devices, I found it to be nearly perfect. The time between someone doing an activity and you seeing/hearing it on the screen is less than a second. That’s also true in night vision mode, which slowed down some of the other cameras, as I noticed.

I tested the Nest inside model, but the outdoor variant is nearly identical in terms of quality. The only major change is that the outdoor version lacks Google Assistant, which is understandable given that no one wants to go outside to ask Google Assistant for news updates.

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