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Vivo S1 Pro the new smartphone by the name of “Via” is equipped with some amazing features which have become a craze among users. This mobile is considered as one of the first smartphone with a built-in camera. Moreover, the smartphone offers an advanced video recorder, a high resolution camera with night vision recording capability, and image stabilization modes for shooting in low light conditions. This gadget also offers a unique virtual keyboard with huge space to key messages and enter text. The keyboard has also been enhanced with additional key features like volume, brightness, date, and time.

The device is powered by a quad core processor of HTC Corporation. The battery capacity of this smartphone is 1 GB and it offers users enough power to run various tasks without any hindrance. The device has a powerful Media Player that supports MMS and HD video calling, a nice wallpaper, an advanced navigation system and an advanced Email client along with a large storage capacity of around 5GB in the internal memory. The vivo s1 pro also has a high-end Adreno processor and a single-core Krait processor for faster performance.

One amazing feature that is featured in this smartphone is its high speed Adreno dispatch system that provides ultra fast charging technology. Users can use this smartphone with a USB cable for connecting the phone to any computer. The HTC vivo S1 pro can be  vivo s1 pro connected to a computer through a USB cable for downloading or viewing documents. It has a unique feature that allows users to enjoy the benefits of the internet via fast charging technology as well.

Another interesting feature of this smartphone is its high-speed camera. Users can take as many pictures as they want within a short time. The digital camera has a 16.3 mega pixel LED camera that helps in taking clear images and videos. It has a dual-focus camera and uses auto focusing, image stabilization and laser auto focus technology to capture moving images. The vivo s1 pro has a standard size camera with a built-in flash and measures up to 7.2 inches in size.

HTC vivo S1 pro has a beautiful, clear, anti-glare display and it comes with a vivid, crisp, vivid colors. It has an amazing anti-glare display that covers the whole top of the touch screen. The Samsung Odyssey S includes an interesting built-in camera. This camera has a slim design and comes with a built-in, anti-reflective, shatterproof, weatherproof, capacitive smart-type, Clear View Plus lens that helps in taking clear images and videos. It has a front-mounted, rear-mounted, single/double zoom, variable angle, continuously variable lens along with a full range of manual controls.

This is a remarkable new smartphone that offers users the best of modern mobile technology. The HTC vivo S1 pro is a high performance smartphone that is capable of doing all that modern devices can do. Users can enjoy the benefits of multitasking, professional image and video editing, gaming and social networking. With a price that is well within reach, this handset can be considered as the perfect gadget for busy individuals who want everything on the go.

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