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If you are planning to buy a penthouse for sale in Dubai, City Walk is a great option!

MERAAS’s City Walk is a luxury initiative located in the heart of the Jumeirah district. It is one of Dubai’s most prominent communities, covering over 900,000 sq m of land and featuring retail and high-end residential properties. The project comprises urban and high-class infill that is conveniently linked to the Downtown district and the landmark Burj Khalifa.

There are several reasons why City Walk is a hot spot, including the fact that it not only provides luxurious lifestyles coupled with a vibrant ambience, but it also provides easy transit to anywhere in Dubai since it is located in the heart of Dubai, with the Dubai Mall metro station just a short distance away.


Jumeirah is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after places in the UAE, owing to its proximity to the city centre and its coastal location, the Kite Beach. There are several options for lodging, including townhouses, villas, and a few low-rise rentals. The Jumeirah region is suitable for outdoor activities due to its proximity to the beach and accessible running tracks, as well as tourist attractions that offer trampolines and other competitive sports. City Walk is ranked third among the most popular real estate regions.


In this area, the public and urban activities are magnificent, particularly the gigantic cartoons and funky petite creations that catch visitors’ eye on occasion. The Rainbow by Eelus is a Banksy-style fresco that stands out in the City Walk’s art collections.

There are many elegant places to sit down and dine on City Walk lane, and there is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from.


Meraas’ City Walk low-rise residentials also included 1 to 4-bedroom apartments built for high-end buyers. Prices range from AED 1.2M for a one-bedroom apartment to AED 11M for a luxurious four-bedroom apartment. Projects are mainly on the leasing market at the moment, despite the fact that the residential atmosphere is very quiet.

Return On Investment

The apartments in Citywalk are all freehold, with the smallest 1-bedroom flat measuring 912 sq. ft. and the largest 4-bed apartment covering 5,906 sq. ft.

Exquisitely built for luxury and a dreamy lifestyle, these properties are appealing to buyers. There is plenty of parking available from several entrances across the towers. The City Walk style is for something with modern vibes and high-end use. With its prime locations and store options, the project has sparked a lot of interest.

Top-tier restaurants and cafes are easily situated on the corner, such as the Rolls Royce café while approaching City Walk. The City Walk Residence is made up of 34 buildings with spacious residential units.

Both of the buildings have stunning lobbies and need 102 receptionists in two shifts, as well as the highest security system available. There are 17 beautiful swimming pools in all, and all of them have lifeguards assigned to them for the residents’ safety.

Secuirty And Protection

In accordance with Dubai Police, 14 CCTV rooms include 24/7 surveillance footage and ensure the highest protection level. In short, City Walk Residences has the best amenity to residence ratio and leads the way in terms of protection and tidiness, among other innovations in Dubai.


City Walk is well-planned, with visually appealing interior designs that make good use of available space.

The new interior design features gypsum walls, timber floors, and an open kitchen plan, which allows for seamless air ventilation and a warm ambience. For a more open environment, large and triangular balconies are layered with glass railings.

It has fashionable exteriors with stunning views translucent facades, resulting in maximum possible indoor effectiveness. In addition, few projects have comfortable outdoor spaces, where terraces are often placed like patios.

What Is Coming?

Within its widely regarded housing estate, City Walk has a lot to reveal. Apart from homes, the biggest theatrical production Cirque Du Soleil, a bio-dome tropical forest, The Green Planet, the first immersive park Hub Zero, and other engaging themed parks and attractions for children families will all become a reality. FEND, the world’s largest hotel chain, will also be housed in the building.

These are some of the things you would want to know about City Walk when you plan to buy apartments for sale in City walk Dubai.

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